Friday, March 9, 2012

BikemanforU Show Premiere Episode 1 Parts 1&2

A violent ending is the the kickoff premise for the BikemanforU Show Premiere episode, aired March 8 in two parts on YouTube.  No need to be squeamish, this is only bicycle violence, so there will not be blood. 

The rear derailleur got jammed into the back wheel and mangled, along with the attached gear cable. BikemanforU shows you how he goes about fixing it.  Would-be mechanics and bike riders will be entertained by his "how to fix it yourself" approach.  His instructional delivery is anything but stilted; you will not be beamed back to the classroom! 

Funny, yet packed with pearls of wisdom.  BMFU explains that a good mechanic washes his or her hands after the dirty business is over, but before putting things back together!  We also learn why you never want to use a brake cable as a gear cable, or vice versa.

We get some walk-through views of the shop environment, which, together with his instructional style, keep things dynamic. We even witness the master bike mechanic's sartorial transformation in the beginning of the video! 

This is the first episode in a weekly series that looks to be informational, entertaining and free.  Hope he covers a standard "fix the flat tire" scenario in the coming weeks, replacing tubes, rim strips and so on.  Looking forward to seeing more of the BikemanforU show, until then, keep on pedaling.


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