Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Big Wedgie Expando Bike Seat Bag 'O Goodies To Go

Here is a case where the product name may pause the conversation, but the value and functionality are excellent. Big Wedgie?  Isn't that what happens to kids when their underwear gets yanked up by the school bully? 

This is a well-designed, wedge-shaped bike bag that expands to a whopping 123 cubic inches.  I filled it up with some goodies (bike tools, spare tube,  and such) before taking it for a spin.  Before we go there, some details on the Big Wedgie:

It installs easily under your bike seat and seat post with velcro straps. A  Big D shaped entry boasts a heavy duty zipper, and a similar zipper on the expandable section.  Inside is a clip for your keys and a mesh pocket for some cash or ID. 

The bag material is thick, water-resistant polyester.  The outside is adorned with highly reflective, highly brilliant, 3H trim. The trim apparently utilizes micro glass beads to attain its superior visibility.

Now for the goodies I filled it with:

Quik Stik Bicycle Tire Lever Tool

Forget American Express, get a Quik Stik.  As BikemanforU will tell you, don't leave home without it! 

If you ride, chances are you are eventually going to get a flat.  A Quik Stik makes it easier, faster, and safer to take off a bike tire.  It is cheap and effective, and being plastic, it won't scratch your rims. 

Park Tool PMP-3 Pocket Protector Micro Pump

Another nerdy name for a fine tool. Pocket Protector?  This pump is super small and goes up to 100 psi max.  It is compatible with both Schrader and Presta valves, and comes with a frame mount if you aren't packing it in a Big Wedgie!  Fixing flats these days requires you to have a pump that travels, and this one doesn't get in the way.

Park Tool GP-2 Sticker Patch Kit

This is the easiest and lightest option when you need to fix a punctured bicycle tube.  You get six  24mm square patches and a small piece of sandpaper.  It all weighs four grams. 

You use the sandpaper to clean around the tube puncture hole.  Then you peel one of the patches and press it down over the hole.  Done!  Glue-less, no mess.  The tool manufacturer partnered with 3M to make the patch material stretch, flex, twist and turn along with your tube. 

For more permanent patches, turn to a vulcanizing patch kit with glue. The VP-1 comes in a complete flat fix kit with the even smaller Park Tool mini pump and Quick Stik.

Park Tool AWS-10 Fold Up Hex Wrench Set Allen Key Multi Tool

Finally, some good allen key, hex wrenches in a tough, composite handle.  You get seven sizes that range from 1.5 mm thru 6 mm.  The wrenches are made of Hi -Torque Protanium industrial steel.  Professional quality, the tips are chamfered for easy fit.  In case your seat needs to be adjusted or something. 

Slice of Pizza

Just kidding.  That would make for a messy Big Wedgie!


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