Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BikemanforU Show, Episode 6: "How to Install a BMX Brake Cable"

Die young, stay pretty?  Have you seen roadkill lately?  In episode 6, the master mechanic imparts the wisdom that if you're gonna ride in the streets on a BMX bike, you ought to have brakes.  Makes sense. 

He allows that some riders carry their rigs to BMX parks, and don't strictly need brakes since they are not in traffic or in danger of running into pedestrians.  

For BMX street riders and mechanics, this BikemanforU Show episode is a concise and focused lesson on installing a front brake cable.  BMFU gives a shout out to Seth and family in Texas, who ordered the bike used in the video, a new Diamondback Grind Pro.

All the bases are covered in this instructional video.  At the brake lever end, threading the cable, snipping off the casing (using Park Tools CN-10 parrot nose clippers), and using ferrules to keep things together.   

At the brake end, spring adjusting screws and anchor bolts are explained, along with why you should have enough cable slack.  This is really great nuts & bolts learning, without a lot of distractions.  A must for serious BMX builders.

-- JPorter

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