Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Summer Customer's Insightful Remark

Mr. Pump and BikemanforU

When you say New York to people in our internet metropolis, the first mental reference may be to visualize Manhattan, huge city that it is. However, there are suburban, rural, and large farmland areas in throughout our large state.

Our brick-and-mortar store is located in Westhampton Beach, about 75 miles east of NYC, on Long Island, which, by the way, really is an island. 

Our population is roughly 1,800 year-round residents. That number increases five- to 8-fold between Memorial and Labor days. The increase is due to summer people, the majority coming from NYC, enjoying their second homes during the warm vacation months. 

We affectionately refer to them as weekend warriors. Families stay out of the city while the wage earner commutes weekdays. Our b&m customers are recreational leisure cyclists, typically riding a hybrid bike. 

During a chat the other day with one of our NYC customers, we began to reminisce about the end of the summer. He mentioned how much the BikemanforU and the staff are appreciated in our community. 

I also indicated to our customer that the BMFU and I are pretty close to each other. He replied, "I can tell by looking in your eyes."

-- Mr. Pump


  1. It comes across in the videos too, inspiring...

  2. Thanks so much for your meaningful comment.