Monday, November 19, 2012

Are 29ers Legitimate Yet?

A  26" Mountain Bike
From their onset in the 1970s, all legitimate mountain bikes and all-terrain bikes have had a 26-inch wheel, fitted with tires that range in width from 1.75 to 2.125  and even beyond, depending upon the frame configuaration, up to three inches wide. 

About three years ago, we began to hear about and see what the bicycle retail industry labeled a "29er" mountain bike. 
This gave the impression that the wheel size was 29 inches in diameter opposed to the traditional 26-inch mountain or ATB bike.
When you look at a 29er, the bike jumps out at you. The whole bicycle looks huge when compared to a traditional 26-inch MTB. 

The truth being a 29er is a 700c wheel size with an ISO measurement of 622 -- the same bead seat diameter as a road bike and most hybrids. 

While hybrids and 29ers share the same ISO number, most 29er tires are too wide to fit inside a hybrid fork. One exception is the 700x40 tire, which fits both.

Meanwhile, the traditional mountain bike wheel ISO is 559 -- the same ISO number that 26" cruiser bike wheels share. That, however is another story.
Send us pictures of your 29er. Is this for real or just another fad? Let us know your opinion.

 --Mr. Pump

P.S. We have tested the 29er, just around the lot, and they seem phenomenal.


  1. Love my 29er, i started riding my 26" mountain bike for the winter, and it was like riding a bmx bike! The 29er is just a more comfortable bike for me.

  2. I love my 29er, going to my 26" for the winter was tough! Its like going from a mountain bike to a bmx! But seriously I think my 29er just fits me better. Maybe its because I'm 6'2". Some other guys at work that are shorter than me have tried that bike and their is just no standover for them.

  3. Fit is key. What about the ride, though? Has your style changed?

  4. The ride and style was a factor in shopping for a new bike. I put 3000 miles on a full suspension 26" and could never get over how inefficient that paticular bike was for long rides. Now I'm not grouping all full suspension bikes in the inefficient category. I felt I needed to ride a hardtail to be more efficient. I was right.

  5. I'm proud of ya. Keep up the good work.

  6. Never ridden one now I hear 27'r are out? I'll stick to my retro Giant cfm cadex 26r.