Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Back To Normal After Super Storm Sandy

I believe Super Storm Sandy is the proper terminology recited by the weather officials. When SSS made landfall just south of us onto the coast of New Jersey earlier this month, winds at 75 mph qualified it as a hurricane. However, the tidal surge with severe flooding is what caused the real damage. Lives were lost and property destroyed.
Now, a little more than two weeks later, parts of western  Long Island, New Jersey, and Staten Island are still without power,  not to say anything about the scores and scores of homes and businesses that no longer exist to even need power.
We were extremely fortunate. Our people are safe, and we lost electricity and internet service for just two days. We have caught up with our internet shipments and are back to normal. Gasoline rationing, a modest inconvenience, ended this week.
We were surprised and our spirits lifted by the many emails from customers and YouTube viewers from around the world, who reached out to us with concern for our safety. We're very appreciative to count our valued customers as friends. Thank you so much.
People continually inspire us. As we move forward post-SSS, we're looking for innovative ways to be your local bike shop online.
Our creative artist BikemanforU is developing ways for us to stream our Show episodes, so that our viewers can take part in the action as it happens live on the internet. 
We're looking at two live-stream websites, one is free and the other wants a fair amount of money each month. Either way, our favorite producer, director, and host is so enthused by the prospects that he let down his hair. The result is this little video.
It's also the enthusiasm of our customers and viewers that led us to move foward with the launch of our first product, a 27x1 1/4 wheel, designed and developed by our staff because You Asked For It. Stay tuned.
PS, if you haven't seen the BikemanforU Show, by all means, please have a look
-- Mr. Pump

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