Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Getting Our Feet Wet In The Stream of Live

Among the best rewards of being in the bike business is dealing with customers that fall into several great categories -- fun, function, commuting, and exercise.  All are healthy categories that attract good people. By good, I mean people who are fun and satisfying to work with or ride a bike together. 

Our concentration of product offerings for maximum customer satisfaction  has been focused in the direction of recreational cycling for the last 35 years because that category of bicycle rider has been our primary customer in our brick-and-mortar shop.

However, we haven’t been in a cocoon all that time.  Our expansion into the internet opened a whole new world to us! 

Rather than list a catalog filled with products on 60,000 pages, we're deepening  our relationship with the biking enthusiast and his or her family - with emphasis not only on accessories and how to use them, but also how to make your own repairs. I hope you agree our YouTube videos attest to that fact.

Listening to your needs and answering your many questions is the customer relationship that we cultivate. What does this have to do with 'Getting Our feet wet?'  

The BikemanforU and his crew have jumped head and feet into a prototype test of streaming video on younow.com.  

This new live spontaneous, extemporaneous broadcast video show takes people from all around the world and puts them into web cam categories based on their interests. They can either talk, perform, or instruct interactively with the viewer.

We have more futuristic ideas coming to continue our goal of including you as a partner in our hometown bicycle shop show.

Stay tuned

--Mr. Pump

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