Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mr. Pump Adds Blogging To His Chore List

As I opened my computer on Thursday morning at my desk and hit the on button, I thought about what Pamela said the other day to me: “My job at BikemanforU is like being a farmer, my first chore is to take care of our customer service questions.”
Well, I tried to hurry through my chores: #1 checking the bank statement for checks collected overnight, re-ordering bicycle parts, tires, tools, and cycling accessories. The rush to get through my chores was important because at 11 am our management group had an exciting meeting planned.

With fall and winter fast approaching and our brick-and-mortar slowing down to less than a crawl, we all have great plans and ideas for our web-based business.  Little did I know that Pam (BikemanforU affectionately call her Pamalu or Pamaluski) had plans for me, also.
“Take over our blog-log," she said.
Blog log, schmog log. Little did I know we at the BikemanforU had a blog, or even what the beep a blog was.

Well, guess what? Ready or not  - here we come. I hope you all will help me out because, for goodness sake, I sure do need it.

-Mr. Pump

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