Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back Room Takes On A New Purpose - Front Office

There is a small first-floor room in the back of our brick-and-mortar showroom, which, way back when, functioned as a dressing room for Body Glove and other cycling apparel. Later, it was a storeroom when our clothing business gave way to other categories.

Most recently, it’s a catch-all area. Pam and I use this as our book keeping spot. It has a three-screen computer, which is mostly used by the BikemanforU and Pam.

The room is ready for an over hall. Catch-all stuff is going out, to be replaced by several more computers, including a Mac that BMFU uses for video editing and which is currently in his house.

I’m happily calling it a consolidation effort.  Now, with the exception of an off-site warehouse, all our systems will be in one location. That is, until our next expansion.

-- Mr. Pump

P.S. We gave you a scope of these digs in our Dec. 8 YouNow live show.

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