Monday, December 10, 2012

Live Launch Inspires A Sit-Down Tire Install

Here's a look at our latest YouNow live show, when BikemanforU brings your hometown local bike shop to the world wide web in real time.
We tried out a few new ideas for this event. We used a tripod/monopod with two cameras - the iphone for the live stream and a handycam for taping.
But even though camera man SonofA's hand is rock steady, the extra weight and equipment are a distraction, so we'll probably try something different next time.
Our wifi apparently reaches outdoors and into the bike cave, so look for the action to take place outdoors this Saturday at high noon Eastern. Please fan us because we need your thumbs up!
We prefer shooting outdoors. Inclement weather kept the Dec. 8 show inside our brick-and-mortar shop, which led to a couple of firsts. We opened with the past, recapping our history and how the BikemanforU came into being. 

Next, for the first time that anyone can remember, the world's most outrageous bike mechanic installed a tire while being seated himself. That's not the take-away, though.
What's new is a documentary in development, chronicling the building of a tadpole recumbent trike. Here's a look at Three CARDS, the trailer.
The other guy in the video is Joshua Michael Morris, a genuinely warm and compassionate human being with a remarkable story. 

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