Friday, December 14, 2012

Live Show Dec. 15 - How To Buy A Second-Hand Bike

Never Fear BikemanforU Is Here

Who: BikemanforU
When: Saturday, Dec. 15, at 12pm, EST
Where: Westhampton Beach, NY
On: YouNow Live Network
What To Look For In A Used Bike: Our subject today mirrors a strong dedication that BikemanforU possesses to stimulate our fellow viewers to "fix up" that bike which has succumbed to dust, rust, and neglect. Follow us as we demonstrate how little it may take to rejuvenate that forlorn bicycle, for your kids, your significant other, your parents, your friend, a needy person, or maybe even yourself. 

But first, you need to know if the bike's worth fixing! Please join in at High Noon. If you missed the broadcast, watch the rerun.

  -- Mr. Pump

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