Saturday, December 29, 2012

Live Stream Box-Bike Build Flows Into "Lovie Dovie"

The holidays being just over and guess what, I was in my local pharmacy yesterday and, sure enough, all over the place the reindeer were already replaced with everything valentine.
When people recite how fast time goes by my quick response is you ain't seen nothing yet. So if Valentine's Day is close, spring must be around the corner. We are beginning to build bikes for spring as we speak.

Last Saturday at noon, BikemanforU did a live video interactive show. 

The subject is totally instructional:  How to build a bike out of a box, and, conversely, how to pack a bike into a box for shipping, storage, travel, or whatever purpose you have in mind.

Our allotted broadcast time was 30 minutes. The YouNow producers must have been significantly impressed by our content as they let us finish our one-hour broadcast.

I strongly urge you to check out this live stream, which takes place every Saturday at 12 Noon Eastern on the sports channel . Or visit our page for more broadcasts.

 --Mr. Pump

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