Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fixie Conversions - Videos For A One-Speed Bike Build

BikemanforU's fixie conversion how-to series is well worth a look if you're thinking about building a single speed, fixed gear ride using an old 10- or 12-speed road bike. 

The video playlist, above, from YouTube's guru of bicycle repair builds on the original how to series, covering flip flop hubs vs standard wheels, getting an old crank out and a new one installed, as well as the ins and outs of bottom brackets.

Fixies, whether a direct drive or as a single speed with coaster brake, are a popular bike build. Old frames are readily available and being your own bicycle mechanic can be fun, especially with coaching from BikemanforU videos.

Feed your hunger with BMFU's original Fixie how-to series below. This informative playlist shows us how to do everything from selecting colors for grips, bike parts and accessories, to choosing necessary tools, as well as removing old cranks, installing new chains, even water bottle cages. 

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