Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Keep Used Bicycle Parts For Guess-And-Test Repair

Converting a 10-speed wheel into a single speed calls for a supply of spacers, washers, lock nuts of different thicknesses and who knows what else.

This is an enterprising guess-and-test exercise demonstrated in the above video from  YouTube's How-To guru of bicycle repair. I have a few suggestions as I open my big mouth. 
Try to accumulate some spare parts for your tool chest. Not only wheel spacers and axle nuts of various widths, but any and all bike parts - brakes, derailleurs, shifters, and the like.
Where can you find free or low-cost bicycle parts, you ask? Try roadkill abandonment, yard sales, police bikes, the free section of classifieds. 
If a bike is totaled, break it down and save the good stuff, because, I guarantee, you are now hooked. You, too, will achieve the BikemanforU mechanical advantage. 

Della Phillips, who watches BikemanforU video tutorials, says he uses an egg carton to keep small parts in order when taking them off a bike.

Della's currently restoring a 1972 three-speed Schwinn Breeze. Kudos to him for sharing this helpful tip. 

-- Mr. Pump

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