Thursday, February 14, 2013

Start Your 3-Speed Bike Repair Project With Free Calipers

Customers bring in so many old, just about worn-out, three-speed bikes to our shop.

Owners are reluctant to spend many dollars, saying, 'Oh, it's so old," "I've had it for so long," "I just want to make it run," "I don't care if it has gears or not, I love my old three-speed bike."

The bicycle shown in this video was like one of those just recited. You can find all the Sturmey Archer bicycle parts shown in the video are available on our website

So, get that old three-speed bike out of the barn. Watch BikemanforU video tutorials several times, but before you order the parts, get yourself a vernier caliper, so you will know what you need.

Schwinn Speedster 3-speed Restoration Completed
You, too, can create a masterpiece, just like the blue Schwinn Speedster in the video.

To the first five guys who send us a picture of your proposed three-speed project - the BikemanforU will send you a vernier caliper with his compliments. 

Doesn't matter if the bike is a Raleigh, Huffy, a Murray, a Sears, made in the U.S. or somewhere else. Let's get started.

p.s. We'll need your address.

-- Mr. Pump

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