Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bike Parts - 700 x 38 Tires For Rough Pavement

Hi, Bikeman, 

Thanks for the helpful videos. I want to replace the tires I have now on my hybrid (622x19 rims with 700x38C tires) but I want something more beefy/off-roadish -- the streets suck around here and am tired of flats. Any suggestions for replacement tires?


Hi Randy,

While no tire or tube is puncture proof, a belted or heavier rubber compound may offer some flat protection against surface debris, rough pavement, or off-road goat head thorns  

Personally, I prefer center-ridge knobbies with standard tubes for the streets in my city. The aggressive tread and lower psi handles bumps, potholes, chunks of concrete, broken asphalt, as well as sand, pebbles and junk that collects near the curb. No flats, so far. The ride is comfortable and I feel safer.

Our most popular 700x38 tire is the durable Serfas Vida, which features a flat protection insert that's actually molded under the tread. 

This multi-sport hybrid combo is available with presta or schrader tubes. BikemanforU customers rate it five stars.

In the knobby arena, this 700x37 WTB All-Terrain shown below is a relatively unusual size, but the flat knobs are beefy and off-roadish. The center tread pattern would serve an urban rider well on rough city streets. 

We can bundle any bicycle tire into a custom combo with tubes and rim strips - contact us

If you need to be somewhere quickly, the 700x38 Chen Shin CST Crucible Kevlar-belted tire offers strength and a smoother tread. Designed and made specifically for commuters, this tire promises lower rolling resistance and a bit faster ride plus built-in puncture protection.

For tubes - we typically ship standard but some riders prefer thorn-resistant for their thicker rubber. 

You might also consider adding a bottle of Slime to a standard tube. The non-toxic green goop uses centrifugal force, plugging punctures while you're riding. 

BikemanforU says Slime's about 80-85% effective. The pre-filled Slime tubes are quite popular.

Pamela / Customer Support

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