Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kali Protectives Sport Helmets For All Ages

Wearing a bicycle helmet is critical for your cycling safety. With all the media coverage of head injuries in the sports arena, it's a well-known fact not to be argued or disputed.

Kali Protectives offers a full line of head safety gear for each specific category of cycling, as well as other sports that include downhill skiing and motorcycles.

The technology that KALI promotes involves full shell in-moulding, with softer interior foam made from recycled products as opposed to plastics.  The Morgan Hill, CA-based company is continuously moving forward to improve the quality of helmets.
Proper Fit Of A Bicycle Helmet is Most Important!

Chakra XC Enduro
There is a simple but necessary step in ordering a bicycle helmet. Get used to using metrics as they are here to stay: Using a flexible tape to measure the brim (circumference) of the head in centimeters is that easy step. An average adult size with KALI is going to be a M/L, usually equivalent to 58-62 centimeters.

Once the helmet is on your head, you'll find Kali's micro adjustments are exemplary. That goes for kids helmets, too.
-- Mr. Pump

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