Monday, October 31, 2016

BikemanforU Website Rejuvenation - Don't Look Back

While we're not sure, yet, where we're headed with our website design, we do know that BikemanforU.com is in for some kind of a make-over.

Henry Bramwell, president of Visionary, the Long Island-based marketing outfit, is on board. He and his team will be helping to bring even more fun to the BikemanforU experience. 

We went online six years ago with a DIY website, featuring about 400 bicycle parts and accessories and a slew of homemade graphics. 

Technology moves forward, however, and, like Bob Dylan's artist girlfriend in the song, it's not looking back. 

Categories are becoming endless as we add more and more new products. Our graphics, cobbled together from video screen grabs and Microsoft Paint, are painfully out of date. Customizing the HTML in our design is increasingly difficult. Now's the perfect time to freshen up. 

The idea of change, is more likely scarier than the actual change itself. First up is our professionally designed logo. While our beloved chainring looks great on a desktop, it's virtually, so to speak, unreadable on a mobile phone.

We're excited as we approach our first logo evolution. Like Starbucks, Proctor & Gamble, and other brands before us, we are ready, if a little trepidatious.

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