Monday, April 22, 2013

Video Surveillance Is What We Make Of It

If you don't want to be seen in what you might define as the wrong time and the wrong place, you may have to confine yourself to a fortress of some sort.

Can you believe Google had a photo of the boat in the driveway where the surviving alleged Boston Marathon bomber was captured -- as the saga unfolded in Watertown, Massachusetts? As well as the untold videos of the two actual suspects as they carried their deadly cargo and left it near the finish line in Boston?

Video surveillance, security or otherwise, is everywhere you go. If you enter the grounds of Bike 'n' Kite in Westhampton Beach, NY, on Saturdays you will automatically be part of the BikemanforU virtual reality show being taped live on our YouTube channel.

So yes, BikemanforU is using a Samsung outdoor surveillance system to show the world our inner workings in a small-town bike shop as they happen  in real time. And that's edutainment!

-- Mr. Pump

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wall-Mount Bike Repair Stand - Park Tool PRS-4W - 1

This BikemanforU video portrays a fairly permanent installation with four-by-four embedded in concrete of one of the best bicycle stands we've found.

Park Tool's Deluxe PRS-4W 1 makes sense for anyone who fixes bicycles and who may  have  a barn, garage, or a shop building. 

This stand can be installed almost anywhere inside or even outdoors, as we did for our bicycle cleaning station. All you need is a substantial post, beam, or stud. Use a solid lag bolt to fasten.

The adjustable linkage clamp, Park's Tool 100-3C, that makes up the business end is the highest professional quality available. The stand itself is affordable, versatile, and doesn't take up a lot of room.

If you don't like where you put it at first - no problem. Try someplace else. Consider attaching it to the end of a heavy duty work bench. Just make sure your choice of installation is substantial.

-- Mr. Pump