Friday, August 22, 2014

BikeSmart Wins Thumbs Up In Price And Quality

An up and coming California company is the newest brand to earn the BikemanforU Seal of Approval.

BikeSmart components and accessories deliver good quality at a fair price with a lifetime warranty. Now available  at  BikemanforU.com  and Bike 'n Kite Ltd., our bike shop in Westhampton Beach, NY.

Price obviously plays a big role in our product selection. We don't believe anyone wants to pay what seems like a good price only to see a price so incredibly low one has to wonder if the product is either a knock-off, defective or lacking in any way.

BikeSmart prices are consistent. You won't find cheap deals on third-party internet sites. Nor will you suffer the torment of dynamic pricing. 
Ergonomic Palmer Grips
Asstro Anatomic Cut-Out Saddle

We believe this level of shared respect for both the buyer and retailer is helping drive success for the San Rafael, CA, based organization.

BikeSmart began about a year and a half ago as an in- house line of accessories for Mike's Bikes, a northern California chain of shops.

The business has since grown into its own independent brand, supplying bicycles, parts and accessories to bike shops around the world.  

Much of the credit belongs to Sales Director Demi Basiliades. We spoke with Demi last year when Mr. Pump ordered a selection of pedals, pumps, grips and saddles for BikemanforU to review on our YouTube Channel  

We applaud Demi's enthusiasm for the cycling community and are proud to carry these well-made parts and accessories. Watch Mr. Pump's presentation on Bike Shop LIVE

Friday, August 1, 2014

Pedals - Half Clipless Half Platform - 4 Things To Know

SunLite Single-Side Clipless Pedal 
Half-and-half pedals was BikemanforU’s answer for a customer who stopped by the bike shop this week. He was riding clipless pedals but didn’t want to wear cycling shoes on short trips around the village.

This bicycle component, also known as a single-sided or one-sided pedal, could be a simple solution. It offers two riding options: 

The clipless side requires a cleated shoe - it locks your foot onto the pedal for more stroking power. For recreational riding, turn the pedal over and ride the platform side with regular footwear.  

Points to consider when buying half-and-halfs:
  • Let you experiment with clipless pedals
  • You'll probably want to look down when getting on your bike to ensure your foot's on the side you want
  • Versatile - wear street or cleated shoes
  • Cleats should be matched with a compatible single-sided pedal Origin8 and SunLite both work with Shimano SPD, Look Keo, and other pedal systems. 

Recessed cleats, which retract into he sole of a shoe, allow for serious or casual cycling, and will be covered in a future post. The customer at Bike ‘n Kite apparently was feeling flush - he wound up buying another bike – he didn’t want to swap out the pedals he’d just bought, he liked his shoes, and his daughter could ride the new bicycle.