Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How do I make my bike faster this year?

I bought a new hybrid bike in 2011, a Trek 7.2FX, which gave me mostly what I was looking for: A more comfortable, upright riding position, stability on country roads traveling over drain grids, potholes, cracks and gravel, etc.  While the tires that came stock on the bike are great for that, and even moderate trail riding (700 x 35c), I missed the speed of my old racing-touring bike. 

What to do that would give me a noticeable speed boost without breaking the bank? What about different tires?

Enter BikemanforU instructional videos!  I checked out the video for Serfas Survivor Seca 700 x 28c tires. Did the BikemanforU just say I could increase my speed by 20% or more?  Sounds great to me! 

These tires are 7mm thinner than what I have, are a lighter weight, with a slicker tread, and are higher pressure rated (125-130 psi versus 60-80 psi, max).  Three layers under the rubber for extra puncture resistance.  I'm looking to ride faster, not stop and repair flats! 

That's my plan of action.  I'll let you know if I'm living in the fast lane later on this spring!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Serfas Trax Bike & Hike Shoes Are SPD Compatible

Looking for a SPD compatible bike shoe that is versatile enough to wear around town or hiking down the trail?  Bikemanforu introduces the Serfas Trax Bike and Hike MTB Shoe.

Men's Trax

Women's Trax
Available in men's and women's sizes, Trax fits most Shimano Pedal Dynamic systems.

The built-in recessed cleat design clips into an SPD pedal on your bike or while curling at the gym. When you are done, you can cover the cleat in the sole with its screw-in cover. 

Walk, hike or pedal a regular clipless bike, the rigid, all-terrain sole has your activities covered. 

Trax is a durable shoe. It's comfortable, too, with cushioned insoles, and a wide, reinforced toe-box. Laces combine with a velcro top strap for a secure fit. 

Good looking and top-flight design make this cycling shoe a winner!

-- JPorter

Monday, February 13, 2012

Riding Couples Like Edgewood & Vital 2 Hybrid Bikes

New bicycles usually arrive in our brick-and-mortar shop sometime in March or April. That's when the cycling season gets underway in our seaside town.

We changed that schedule this winter for the first time in 35 years in order to have fresh inventory for our online shop customers. 

Imagine our surprise in early February when a couple walked into the brick-and-mortar shop looking to buy bicycles. Imagine our delight to have in stock exactly what they wanted.

With the 2012 cycling season's early start, riding couples fancy his and her hybrid bikes from Diamondback.

Bikemanforu offers the men's Edgewood, and the comparable women's Vital 2 with a step-through mixte frame.

These aluminum frame models combine the best easy-pedaling features of a mountain bike with the speedier cruising capability of a road bike. 

For example, shock-absorbing fork and seat posts and larger 700c tires smooth the ride over rough pavement and cobblestone streets.  Adjustable handlebars allow you to set your own upright positioning.

The 21-speed gearing makes these lightweight hybrids equally adept at fast commuting to work, or climbing up and down hills with ease on your weekends away together.

And that's just what our new customers did. They rode their new bikes home.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Diamondback Bike Sales Start Early

Spring is in the air, and BikemanforU is now selling Diamondback complete bikes on the internet.  We have over 500 bikes in stock, with more on the way.
One of the  most in demand bikes is the Response Mountain Hardtail 

This is an awesome machine to get started with on the trails. 

Check out the muscular geometric aluminum frame design, the front/rear specific knobby tires, and front shock with a hardtail rear. 

We also have the Response Sport, as well as great hybrid and women-specific models. 

As our new 2012 bikes arrive, we're impressed by this division of Raleigh.

The company clearly is proud of their products and we agree. We find their superior balance of quality and price make Diamondback bicycles a big step up from box-store offerings.

With better components, frame materials, and a full range of sizes, we're sure you'll find just the right model and price point to fit you, your wallet, and your kind of riding.  By the way, shipping is free!