Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bikes Are Our Bread And Butter

The bike shop crew breathed a collective sigh of relief today with the arrival of our new 2014 bicycles. More are expected the next day, too, and they can't get here fast enough.

With a bicycle shortage predicted this summer, Mr. Pump put in his order fast as he could with Giant USA. Giant has been a reliable supplier to Bike 'n Kite for several years. We like the consistently good quality that comes from the world's largest manufacturer of bicycles. 

Getting our hands on a goodly supply when we need them, though, has typically been tough for us, as a small, independent local retailer. That seems to have changed this year.  Giant is making lots more of what Mr. Pump calls "our bread and butter" bikes.

The reasonably priced Giant Cypress is in Mr. Pump's food group. A 700c hybrid in both women and men's models, it's a multi-speed, upright ride that's fast enough - and comfortable enough - to go on a 50-mile charity ride. 

A bike needs to be well-made. It should deliver a fun ride and fit the wallet. We enjoy selling and servicing rarefied high-performance machines. The Cypress and others like it, however, put food on our table.

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