Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter's A Time To Plan Our 2013 Bike Shop Garden

Being a farmer of sorts, I look forward to the first seed catalogue’s arrival, usually in January. Guess what, it arrived last month. This one’s loaded with new varieties of every imaginable flower, herb, and, of course, veggies.

You may have seen my last year's 10x10 victory garden videos on the BikemanforU YouTube channel. Or watch the video playlist above to see how we started digging and what else we grew over the winter.

The 100 square feet concept seemed great. However, with an abundant amount of horse manure from BikemanforU's firefighter buddies, our garden quickly grew out of control. 

What I'm writing about starts at 2:47 in the video below. Watch from the start and enjoy a bike check on a rare Cannondale Flash with a lefty fork from our guru of bicycle repair.


Back to our victory garden. Plants that were tied to posts and supposed to reach two to four feet in height, doubled over and grew another four feet. Even with that lush abundance, our efforts brought a reasonable success.

This year's plans call for fewer pole beans, cosmos, and tomatoes and more lower growing herbs and shorter-stemmed flowers. We'll apply the same amount of manure, though.

In an upcoming blog post, I'll show you my plan for our 2013 "Square Foot" garden.

Stay tuned

-- Mr. Pump

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