Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bike Parts: France Model F 3 Freewheel Is A Maillard

This Schwinn Approved France Model F 3 freewheel was made by the Maillard factory. BikemanforU confirmed the vintage component as one produced by the French factory in the 1970s. 

A Maillard freewheel for Schwinn

The YouTuber and master bicycle mechanic said Bike ‘n Kite, established in 1977,  still owns its original remover tool that fits the freewheel body. “We used to use it all the time in the ‘70s,” he said. “Now we use it every one or two years.”

Remover tools for a Maillard Model F 3 can be found online, which may help our Cape Cod, MA, customer who sought help for his project. 

Another possibility, especially for  one-time or occasional use, is checking with a local bike shop.

Find an LBS that’s been in business long enough to remember mid -century technology, BikemanforU suggests. Newer shops aren’t likely to own the tool or even be acquainted with the obscure component.

Ask if the shop has a wide-hole (30mm) 24-spline freewheel puller – made by Maillard or a vintage copycat like the Bicycle Research CT-3 or VAR-405. An LBS may be willing to get the part off your old wheel, for a fee. 

Courtesy freewheel installation is available by request to BikemanforU customers who buy wheels at the website  Carefully cut the freewheel body from the spokes and ship the part to the shop. The  crew will remove and install the old freewheel on the new rear wheel. There’s no charge for this service.


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