Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BikemanforU Show Episode 4 "Antique Schwinn Bike Check

Episode 4 is a departure from recent repair oriented shows. What do you get when you cross BikemanforU with the Antiques Road Show

No, not Billy the Talking Bass with cobwebs (good guess) or powdered Mohawk wigs from the French and Indian War (not hygienic). 

How about a vintage Schwinn Superior bicycle with wooden wheels made before World War I? 

Built in 1909, this bike has an overall geometry and componentry that is surprisingly modern, despite being over 100 years old!  Differences are interesting; glue-on tires on wooden rims, a wire-held skip tooth chain, an ancient Messinger leather saddle.

What's it worth?  Good question.  It's is not out of the box, time capsule, mint condition.  On the other hand, try to find another one! 

BMFU bought this eye-catcher back in the '70s. Find out what he paid for it in this episode. The BikemanforU Show uploads weekly to our channel on YouTube.


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